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Upcoming Wellness Workshops

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Eat Your Way to Amazing Energy

Could you use some more energy? Pregnancy and postpartum can zap your zest, leaving you mentally and physically tired. But, here’s a secret – making small changes to your daily meals could make a GIANT difference for your energy levels!

In this hour-long workshop, you’ll understand:

  • How food works in the body
  • What regulated blood sugar feels like
  • The best nutrients to support energy production and maternal health


Thursday, September 30, 7pm

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Sleep More to Stress Less

Pregnancy and postpartum are stressful. So many changes to our lives, bodies, and sleep schedules. If we don’t get enough sleep, our anxiety levels rise leading to more stress, which in turn makes it harder to fall asleep. It’s time to put this sleep-stress cycle to bed.

In this workshop, you’ll understand:

  • Simple strategies to have a good night
  • Impactful AM/PM routines for better sleep
  • How to determine your ideal sleep-wake pattern
  • The best nutrition for optimal rest


Thursday, October 14, 7pm

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Healthy Through the Holidays

Navigating the holidays in general can be hectic, let alone during a pandemic. This workshop is a crash course on healthy holiday living to help ease the stress, create boundaries if needed, and give you strategies to make the holidays simpler.

In this workshop, you’ll understand:

  • How to manage stress
  • Tips for holiday travel and preparing for the big day
  • Mindfulness strategies for family dynamics, cravings, and more


Thursday, November 18, 7pm

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Fall Workshop Bundle



Get all 3 fall workshops and save $10!

You’ll get the following live workshops and recordings:

  • Eat Your Way to Amazing Energy
  • Sleep More to Stress Less
  • Healthy Through the Holidays

Upcoming Free Webinars

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Preparing Your Body for Postpartum

Do you know what to expect after birth? We spend a lot of time preparing for our baby – getting everything on our registry, setting up the room, etc. But, we also need to prepare ourselves for the physical and mental changes of postpartum.

In this free 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to recover from birth
  • Postpartum physical changes – what’s normal and what’s not
  • Physical well-being tips


Tuesday, October 5, 1pm – can’t make it? Sign up and get the recording!

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