F*ck Infertility



Take Back Control Of Your Life With Fertility Coaching


Struggling with infertility is f*cking hard. It’s unfair. You may be feeling:




  • Constantly anxious and stressed


  • Isolated, disconnected from friends and family


  • Exhausted and burnt out


  • Desperate to conceive but scared of getting pregnant at the same time


  • Guilt and self-blame


  • Like you’re living a double life, smiling through the pain in front of others


  • Angry at your body for not working as it should

Fertility coaching may be right for you


No one should have to face infertility alone. A fertility health coach provides support throughout your journey to conceive and have your baby.


I’m Cassie, a certified health coach specializing in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. I’m here to guide you in finding calm, healing your body and heart, and improving fertility. I don’t diagnose medical conditions, but I’m part of your care team. I take a mind-body approach that’s backed by science and looks at the whole person.


After years of serving women as a birth and postpartum doula, I saw my clients on the other side of infertility. Although grateful for their babies, the anxieties and traumas of infertility persisted. I then made it my new mission to help women whose lives have been taken over by TTC. Your journey to getting pregnant and having your baby matters. You deserve to be heard.

Cassie Huneke, fertility witch podcast host, doula, fertility health coach

My Signature Program


Through one-on-one fertility coaching, we’ll aim to help you:

calm, relaxation, mind-body

Find calm

We will get to the root of anxiety, shift mindsets, and use a large variety of evidence-based stress reduction techniques to significantly reduce and manage stress.

healing, women hugging, TTC sisters


Infertility burnout is real. It’s time to nourish and re-energize your body so you have less fatigue and get back to living your life.

woman confident, rosie the riveter pose

Feel confident

No more self-guilt. Move forward in your journey knowing you’re doing your best and that’s enough.

It is possible to find yourself again

Go from burnt out to I got this!


  • Release the need to do “all the things” to get pregnant perfectly


  • Gain coping skills to use through your fertility journey and beyond


  • Replace self-blame with self-compassion


  • Restore mindful thoughts instead of being dragged down “what ifs” and catastrophic rabbit holes


  • Take back control and get back to living your life

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