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Meet the Founder

Welcome! I’m Cassie, founder of Modern Moms Birthing Services and mom to a beautiful daughter. I’m a certified health coach (Dr. Sears), birth and postpartum doula, and childbirth educator through the Long Island Doula Association (LIDA). My passion for birth and helping moms began years ago when I first learned about what a doula is and does. Since then, I’ve been learning everything I can about maternity.

I teach Informed and Mindful Birthing. While my courses emphasize natural childbirth (giving birth without any intervention), I also cover topics such as surgical birth (c-section), epidurals, Lamaze class methods, Bradley methods, and induction so that every mom and birthing partner become educated and empowered to make informed decisions that are best for them.

Childbirth is a completely natural process that our bodies are made to handle. It is hard, but meaningful, work. There is a large gap between fact and practice today when it comes to birth. It is my privilege to advocate for the birth you want and deserve.

I look forward to being a part of your birthing journey! Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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